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About This Project

All brides are faced with the issue of whether to use a San Antonio wedding photo booth rental service or not.

The answer should certainly be YES!

A photo booth

For your wedding will give you unforgettable memories of your big day so you can treasure for the rest of your life. You might not know this, but inquiries/searches for wedding photo booth rentals are steadily increasing (according to Google). The bottom line is everyone wants one for their wedding reception.

We can create the “wow factor”

At your wedding with one of our modern, elegant photo booths. It’s just what your special day needs for something entirely different from the norm. A wedding photo booth will shake things up and make your special occasion an extraordinary one for you and your guests. Just because your reception is formal attire doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

There is no contradicting

That traditional wedding receptions are beautiful. But imagine having a photo booth rental for your wedding will add just the right amount of entertainment and fun. We are the affordable photo booth for weddings in San Antonio.

A wedding is one of those rare celebrations that bring your whole family together from near and far. Yes, it’s a great opportunity to squeeze all the generations into a single frame to get an incredible family photograph. Yes, wedding photographers are great for the traditional family pictures.

But, bringing a photo booth rental to the special event

Is the only way to capture those real moments in which the age differences between the generations fade away, and everyone can be silly without looking an idiot.